Detail Designs of New 15-17 lines in São Paulo Metro.

Ongoing the detailed engineering of the power supply system for lines “L17 – Ouro” and “L15 – Prata” of São Paulo Metro (Brazil).

In October 2014, our branch in São Paulo (Brazil), Auditorias e Ingenierías S.A.U. do Brasil, signed a contract to carry out the detailed design of the Electric Power System of the “L17 – Ouro” of the São Paulo metro. Subsequently, in April 2015, the contract was awarded for the development of the same type of actions for the “L15 – Prata”. 

Barcelona, July 2015

Our Brazilian Branch carrying out the design of the detailed engineering of the electrical supply system of the lines “L15 – Prata” and “L17 – Ouro” of the São Paulo Metro, for the improvement of public transport in this city.
The projects include the primary substations, the distribution system and 22 kV substations and the 22 kV power system of the traction power system, including substations as well as distribution through the “3rd and 4th trilho (rail)” and disconnectors, for several sections of these lines.
These are collective Monorail systems made up of trains that run on an elevated track using tires. The trains will move by electricity, without a driver, and will reach top speeds of 80 km / h.

The L17 project and the first phase of L15 are expected to be completed in 2016.